About Blue Oak

At Blue Oak, we believe in long-term partnerships with our customers, built on personal trust, not just numbers. We are passionate about creating results and achieving success through hard work and passion for what we do
Blue Oak is approved as insuranceprovider in all EU by Financial Authorities.

Mission & vision

Blue Oak seek to deliver innovative, quality products and responsive customer service in order to become a market leader within the insurance industry.
By combining a broad knowledge of the insurance business and a high customer focus, we look beyond quick fixes and deliver the optimal solutions to our customers.

At Blue Oak, we are driven to challenge status quo – always looking for a better and smarter way to do things. We strive to be agile and aim for fast decision making all the while taking each customer’s needs into consideration. We believe in honesty and fairness, which requires mutual respect, respect for authority but a disdain of bureaucracy. Consideration and accountability towards our customers and stakeholders are key.

We are more than a provider of insurance. We are a true strategic partner, who will put aside individual concerns in the spirit of teamwork to achieve success.



Under applicable law on insurance intermediation, insurance brokers, including Blue Oak, we may receive commission based on agreements that are negotiated by companies that we subsequently acquired or when we act as insurance brokers for another insurer. Outside of Denmark other rules and regulations apply. We can provide further information upon request.is
Blue Oak is approved by the Danish Financial Conduct to providecross-border services pursuant to section 19,PCS. 2, of theInsurance Mediation Act (LBK no. 378 of 02/04/2020).


Erik Bring

Mobile: +45 22 15 14 24