File claim

You can file a claim as follows:


Call our claim number at +0045 44 22 85 70


Send us a claim at

Remember to include all the necessary information so our processing time will be as fast as possible:
- Thorough explanation of the damages
- Pictures
- Estimate of repairs
- Copy of possible police report
- Copy of receipts of any stolen / damaged items

The customer is obliged to minimize the extent of the damage.
The company always has the right to inspect an injury.


Claim assessment

1. You submit a claim

First, you submit a claim to us using one of the above mentioned two options. You can speed up the process by having the above mentioned material ready.

2. We review the claim

Our team reviews your claim, and makes our assessment of the claim based on the information you have provided.

3. The claim is responded

Once we have reviewed your claim, we will get back to you with a conclusion on our investigation.