Agribusiness & Forestry

As an insurance intermediary, we help the agricultural/Forestry and food industry with insurance solutions that give you security and minimize your risk when the accident is out. This means that you can avoid worrying about whether you are covered when an injury occurs, and instead you can focus on running your business optimally.

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Insurance for agriculture, food and forestry

Over the years, Blue Oak Insurance has provided quality assurance to the agricultural and food industries. We know what it takes to be responsible for a farm with buildings, land holdings and food production, and therefore we can also help you with the best insurance solution.

Farms and estates often need special insurance, and there we have both the skills and experience to to find the best solutions on the market so that you and your business are secured in the best possible way in case of damage.

We help you with an insurance solution where both the operation, buildings and contents are covered - and of course there is also liability insurance included in the package.
Service overview
Among other things, we can help with:

All risk


Crop and Plantation insurance


Forest insurance